How To Make Your Floors Shine

When it comes to a room or an entire building the first thing that people will look at are your floors.  I know what you are thinking, why would they look at your floors?  Well, it is a subconscious thing that we do.  When we walk into a room or when we meet someone, we tend to look down instead of in their eyes.  As a result, we tend to notice the floor first.

With this in mind it is important that we keep our floors clean and shiny.  To do this, commercial floor waxing greenville sc is one task that you can complete that will turn dull and dirty floors into something that we can be excited to look at.

Before we can wax our floors, we need to first clean them.  To do this you will use a broom that will sweep away all the dust and dirt that has accumulated.  When we walk into a room, we tend to carry with us all the dirt from wherever we have been.  This over time will build up on our shoes and then when walking in on a clean floor will come off.

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Once the floor is clean, we will want to mop it.  This can be done with soap and water.  The soap will break up any dirt and grease that will remain from its previous use.  This process may need to be done more than once, depending on how dirty the floor is.  Once the floor is clean and dry you can apply the wax.

The wax can be applied with a mop as well.  You want to use a clean mop.  First pour some of the wax on the floor and then with the mop carefully spread it across the floor.  You want to make sure that you don’t make streaks.  When mopping you want to start at the far end and work your way back towards the door.  Don’t get yourself boxed in.

When your floor is waxed, and it is dry it should have a reflective shine that looks like glass. 

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